Syncing your payroll system

The easiest way to get started with ChartHop is to sync your employee payroll data with an app. We use this data to build your current org structure, along with a historical one through former employees and their start and end dates.

Once you've installed an app, ChartHop syncs with your payroll system daily and keeps your ChartHop organization data current.

ChartHop's apps make it easier to keep your data up to date across platforms by automating payroll data retrieval from your chosen provider. Learn more.

Supported payroll system integrations

The following payroll apps are available to ChartHop Basic, Standard, and Premium customers:

The following payroll apps are only available to ChartHop Standard and Premium customers:

If your payroll system is not listed above (or, if you are a ChartHop Basic customer with a different system than those supported by Basic), you must manually import your payroll from a spreadsheet. Learn more.

How payroll integration apps work

Payroll apps run one way from the payroll provider to ChartHop, so the payroll provider remains the source of truth on compensation and reporting structure while ChartHop remains updated with the latest payroll data.

ChartHop is designed to bring together multiple systems of record in one location. When you connect your payroll system with ChartHop, only employees in your payroll system are affected. If you have added other employees directly to ChartHop, the sync from the payroll system ignores those employees and does not update them.

You can sync data from multiple payroll providers and also add employees or contractors directly to ChartHop. Start by installing the payroll app for your primary payroll provider and fill in additional data as appropriate.