Add content to custom profile tabs

You create and arrange content in your custom profile tabs by using Tab Blocks.

Add content to custom profile tabs

You can use a combination of custom fields and the Markdown editor to customize your content while using filtering and sensitivity tools to specify which members or which roles may view that content.

Tab blocks pane
Tab blocks pane

To add a tab block for a custom profile tab:

  1. In the Settings option in the left sidebar, select Profile tabs.
  2. Select the tab you wish to add a tab block to from the top of the view.
  3. In the Tab Blocks section, select the + button to create a new blank tab block.
  4. Apply the following settings in the Tab Blocks section:
    • Label - The label that will be displayed for the block.
    • Sensitivity - The block's sensitivity level. The tab block itself will only be visible to members with proper access. Content within the tab block will be visible only to those with proper access.
      • Org public - Available to all members in your ChartHop organization.
      • Manager shared - Available to an employee's manager, and every position above manager.
      • Personal - Available at the employee level.
      • Manager only - Available only to an employee's manager.
      • Highly sensitive - Available only to Owners.
    • Only Visible For Members Matching Filter - The tab block content will only be visible to members who match the filtered criteria. Supports Carrot Query Language filters.
    • Fields History - Allows you to add custom fields to your tab block.
      • Fields within your blocks will appear as individual cards that will display, historically, in a descending chronological order.
      • Custom fields must be created in order to be accessible from the fields list. Learn more.
    • Custom Content - An area where you can create and edit the content of your tab blocks using the rich text editor, Carrot Template syntax, or using Markdown.
      • Custom content appears at the top of the tab block, ahead of any historical cards.
  5. In the Tab Configuration panel above the Tab Blocks section, select Save to save the tab block.