Add or update hiring plan

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Use the importer to create or make changes to open roles. You should use a CSV file whenever possible. However, you can use the Excel spreadsheet file format (.XLSX) if needed.

You can upload a CSV or spreadsheet from the Import CSV Data page like any other data import. Access to the importer is only granted to specific user roles. See User roles and permissions to learn more.

You can import data into any field within ChartHop. When importing data to a custom field within ChartHop, be sure you have already created the custom field.

  1. Select the gear icon on the left sidebar and then select Import spreadsheet data.
  2. Select Browse or drag your file onto the designated location.
  3. Select Upload to org.

Required columns

The first column in your CSV or spreadsheet should always be the work email. Your file must contain the following columns at a minimum:

  • Job title
  • Start date
  • Manager email
  • Date

The date column represents the effective date of job creation.

Before importing, ensure that your CSV or spreadsheet looks like the example below. Ensure that the data in your file conforms to ChartHop's formatting requirements. See Importing CSVs and spreadsheets for more information.

Job title

Start date

Manager email


Marketing manager




Creative strategist




Senior engineer




Suggested columns

You can add the Recruit column to your CSV or spreadsheet in addition to the required columns above. Use the Recruit column to indicate whether recruitment for the open role is currently Active or Inactive.