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Before following this flow, be sure to cover the following topic(s) below:

  • Creating new jobs - Learn how to create new jobs for your organization.
  • Editing jobs - Learn how to edit existing hiring plans.
  • Restructuring a hiring plan - Learn how to restructure a hiring plan.

Aside from terminations, you also have the option to create Backfills which allow you to archive a person's profile, while still keeping their job active.

To use the Backfill feature:

  1. Within your Scenario, from the Data Sheet tab, select the person who you wish to backfill.
  2. From the action menu, select the Backfill option.
  3. Right away, you'll have the option to make adjustments to the newly opened position including its:
    • Structure: The role's position in the structure in the ChartHop organization.
    • Compensation: Adjusted compensation for the role.
    • Recruiting: Recruiting information regarding the role.
    • Description: The role's new description, if applicable.
  4. Optionally, leave a note that provides details regarding the backfill.

  5. Select Save to Scenario to finalize your backfill.

If the organization should not know of an anticipated departure, set the recruiting sensitivity to Highly Sensitive. This will ensure that only recruiters with sensitive access will be made aware that the role is being actively recruited for.

Updated 04 May 2022
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