Configuring General settings

You can configure information about your organization, including basic information, dates, currency information, and user sessions.

Configure high-level information about your Org in the General tab settings
Configure high-level information about your Org in the General tab settings

To configure your Organization's settings:

  1. Select Org Settings from the options menu in the sidebar.
  2. Select the General tab.
  3. In the following sections you can fill out your company information:
    • On the Basic org info page:
      • Org name: A required field, is the name of your organization.
      • Org nickname: A required field, is the subdomain of your organization, delineated by dashes.
      • Org logo: The logo image for your organization.
      • Org phone number: The main phone number for your organization
    • In the Dates section:
      • Date format: The date format that will be used throughout your organization.
      • Org start date: The official date in which your organization was established.
      • Fiscal year starts: The first of which month your organization's fiscal year begins.
    • In the Currencies section:
      • Currencies in use: The currencies that will be in use by your organization. The first currency in the list should be the primary currency used by your organization.
      • Cost multiplier: The multiplier that will be applied to all headcount costs in your organization including blanket costs such as taxes and benefits.
    • In the User management section:
      • User session expiration: The length of time that a user's session will last before being automatically logged out.
      • Notify these people of user access level changes: The added users will be notified of user access level changes.
  4. Select Save to save your changes.