Connecting bands to jobs

After you create compensation bands, you can assign each job in your organization to a band by uploading a spreadsheet that maps your existing employees to the band to which they belong. This method allows you to map all of your jobs to bands at the same time.

Alternatively, you can associate an individual job with a band by selecting Edit Job, selecting the Compensation tab, and selecting a band from the dropdown list.

If your organization previously entered bands without the use of the Compensation Band wizard, you'll see a Band (legacy) field when editing a job. This field is for information only and you can't edit it.

Create a job-band mapping spreadsheet

You'll need a list of the work emails associated with each job you want to map, as well as which band applies to each job. You can also map to a job ID instead of a work email if you want to add a band to an unfilled job.

To create your spreadsheet:

  1. Create a spreadsheet (CSV or XLSX) that includes the following two columns:
    • An identifier column (for example, work email or job ID)
    • A column named compBand
  2. Add a row for each job you want to connect to a band and add values for both the job (work email or job ID) and the compBand.

Upload your spreadsheet

After you've created a spreadsheet to help you map your jobs to the bands you created, upload the spreadsheet to ChartHop to complete the mapping. You can make any individual changes by editing the respective job.

  1. From the left sidebar, select More and select Compensation bands.
  2. Click Edit in the top right corner.
  3. In the Map your jobs to your band levels section, select Upload mapping.
  4. Select Save Settings.

Verify that your bands are mapped

You can use the Data Sheet to verify that you've mapped your bands to their respective jobs.

To verify bands are mapped:

  1. Select Data Sheet from the left sidebar.
  2. Select Select columns.
  3. In the Select columns dialog, select the checkbox for the Comp Band field. This displays it on the Data Sheet as a column.
  4. Review the rows to view band information for employees and open jobs.