Creating a report

You can report on trends in your organization such as revenue or employee performance by configuring reports.

Create a new report or select one from the list
Create a new report or select one from the list

To create a new report:

    1. Select New report.
    2. Give it a name. Make sure you use a unique and easily identifiable name, like DEI in Org Compensation.
    3. Select Confirm once you are satisfied with your report name.

After creating your report, your next step can be to create charts which are the various visual components that make up your report.

To create and configure a chart:

  1. Select the Add chart button.
  2. Title your chart by selecting the New chart placeholder title at the top of the page.
  3. Select a visualization under Visualization. Be mindful of the type of graph you intent to construct when choosing a visualization.
  4. Select the variables under Measure.
    • The first dropdown selects the primary variable you are measuring.
    • The second dropdown selects the way in which the variable is interpreted. The two options are Total and % of Total.
  5. Add a comparison under Compare (optional).
    • This will group the primary variable by the comparison variable.
    • For example, Location by Age, Compensation by Race, etc.
  6. Add a crosstab under Crosstab (optional).
    • This will add a third variable for grouping the results of the above comparison.
      • Only supported on the Bar graph, Pie chart, or Table.
  7. Add a format under Format. Supported values are Number, Percent, and Money.
  8. Customize the series under Customize series. You can rename the series legend, tweak the queries that produce the results, and delete items from the series.
  9. Select Save and exit.