Creating multiple jobs in a scenario

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Before continuing, be sure to review the following:

  • Creating a scenario - Learn how to create a scenario. Learn more.
  • Org Chart - Learn how to navigate the Org Chart. Learn more.

In a headcount planning scenario, you can create multiple jobs at once by creating a CSV file and then importing that CSV file to your scenario.

Create a hiring plan in your scenario using a CSV

Create a spreadsheet that contains the information for each job you want to add to your scenario. The following information should be included for each new job:

  • Title
  • Start Date
  • Manager

Be sure to save the spreadsheet as a CSV file. The data headers in your CSV must match the code names in your organization.

For more information on preparing your spreadsheet, check out our guide to adding or updating a hiring plan. Learn more.

Import a CSV to your scenario

After you've created your CSV file, upload your completed spreadsheet to your scenario. 

Import your CSV from the dropdown menu.
Import your CSV from the dropdown menu.

To import your CSV:

  1. From the scenario details, select the arrow button to display the dropdown menu.

  2. Select Import CSV. The Upload CSV To Scenario dialog displays.
  3. Select Hiring Plan as the type of data you're uploading.
  4. Browse and select your CSV file.
  5. Select Upload. The time it takes to upload may depend on the size of your spreadsheet. Once the import is complete, a confirmation message displays.


If you are unable to upload your CSV successfully, try the following:

  • Check that the data headers in your CSV match the code names in your organization.
  • Check for typos and extra spaces in your CSV's cells.
  • Try resubmitting your CSV.

If you are still unable to complete this process after attempting the troubleshooting options above, reach out to support@charthop.com.