Filling jobs

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Before following this flow, be sure to cover the following topic(s) below

  • Creating new jobs - Learn how to create new jobs in your org structure.
  • Editing jobs - Learn how to edit existing hiring plans.

With the Fill job feature, you not only have the option to assign a pre-existing person to an open job, but you also have the ability to create a New Hire which you may then assign an open job to. You will need to determine whether you'll fill the job with a person in your ChartHop organization, or whether you'll fill the job with a new hire.

To fill a job:

  1. Within your Scenario, from the Data Sheet tab, select the open job you wish to fill.
  2. From the action menu, select the Fill job option.
  3. In the Fill job dialog enter the following information:
    • Start date: The date the fill will commence.
    • Move type: Whether the move is a transfer, promotion, or demotion.
    • Notes: Any additional notes regarding the move.
  4. If your person is already in your ChartHop organization, select the Person dropdown dropdown list to select the person you want.
  5. If your person is not in your ChartHop organization, select the New Hire option in the Fill job window.
    1. You will be prompted to fill information for the new hire.
    2. The new hire's First name and Last name are the only required fields, so you may add the rest of the new hire's information at another time when needed.
    3. When you've entered your information, select Save.
  6. Finalize your changes by selecting the Save to Scenario button

Updated 04 May 2022
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