Filtering data in a report

You can narrow the datasets used in your report by using custom date ranges, using a set of filters, or by selecting a saved filter. 

The filter bar
The filter bar

Use the filter bar at the top of the page to apply filters and date ranges to the dataset.

  • The Scenario field changes the report data to represent the changes made in that scenario.
  • The Time interval field sets the interval of each data point. For example, an interval value of Week will update the chart to show weekly data grouped per datapoint on the x-axis.
  • The Date range field sets the relative range of the date filter. For example, you can set the range to the prior 6 months, the prior year, etc.
  • The date picker sets the precise date range from which to derive the dataset. Set a from and to value.
  • The visual query builder and the manual query builder both set a Carrot query that filters the dataset.

Updated 11 May 2022
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