Group names and aliases

As a user, you may need to uniquely identify the groups within your ChartHop organization, while also creating associations to those groups in your payroll system or ATS.

You can add group names and aliases to your groups by following the examples in the creating a department, team, location and bands docs located under Groups.

Group names

You can use a Group name to uniquely identify a department, team, location, or band. Group names are unique identifiers and may only be used once in your organization.

Group aliases

You can use Group aliases to consolidate multiple group names into a single group.

For example, your payroll system may use both "Customer success" and "CS" to refer to the same department. With Group aliases, you can combine them into a single department. Example: CS, Customer Service, Customer Success

Once used, an alias will no longer be available to be used as a Group name.

Differences between Parent groups and aliases

Parent groups are specifically used to organize child groups according to your organization's structure in ChartHop. Aliases, however, are best used as tie-ins to the department names used in your payroll system and ATS.

For example, is your payroll system, you could have a department named "Support", while in ChartHop that same department could be referred as "Customer Support".

Updated 04 May 2022
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