The history module is your audit log within ChartHop. It gathers all people and job changes in the Org and displays them in a way that shows who made the change, when was the change made, and by whom.

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Figure 1: The history module in ChartHop.

At the top of the page, you can filter the results by date and by group. This can be helpful when trying to gauge growth in a particular department, for example.

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Figure 2: Filter history data by date and group.

Directly below, you will find additional filter toggles. These provide additional flexibility when narrowing the information displayed.

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Figure 3: History filters in ChartHop.

The last section on this page displays a running a list of changes to people and jobs, including who made the change and when. Additionally, you can edit or remove a particular entry if it is inaccurate, or needs to be hidden.

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Figure 4: Changes to people and jobs are listed in the history module.

Edit job history

If an erroneous change is made to a job, you can undo the change by editing the Job History.

To edit a change in the Job History:

  • Find the employee either via the Org Chart or their employee profile
  • Go to the Job History section
  • Hover over the change, and either select the pencil icon to edit, or the trash icon to remove