Import CSV for initial setup

We generally recommend you start with a Payroll Sync. This way, your information will always stay up-to-date from your existing system of record.

But if your payroll provider is not supported, you may want to get started by uploading a spreadsheet of your current roster in CSV format. Create the spreadsheet using Excel or Google Sheets, then upload on the CSV Data Import page.


  • When uploading, be sure to select the Import Employee Roster tab.
  • If you are importing a custom field, it must first be created in ChartHop. When uploading, you must use the field name in ChartHop, not the field label. So if you have a field named perfRating that is labeled Performance Rating (Manager Evaluation), you should use perfRating as the column name.

CSV format: required columns

The top row of your CSV should contain column names. You must include the following columns at a minimum:

  • Title
  • Manager (should be the name of the person being reported to, leave blank for org head)
  • Start Date
  • First Name
  • Preferred Name (for example, "Bob" instead of Robert)
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • End Date (if the person is an ex-employee)
  • Depart Type (Voluntary or Involuntary)
  • Department
  • Team (can be a semicolon-separated list of team memberships, for example: Team A; Team B)
  • Location (name of office, or Remote)
  • Band (name of compensation band, for example L5)
  • Employment Status (Full Time, Part Time, Contract, Temp, Intern, Ex-Pat)
  • Base Comp (annual, for example $50,000)
  • Variable Comp (annual bonus or OTE, for example $25,000)
  • Hourly Comp (if paid hourly, for example $15.50)
  • Currency (three letter currency code, if non-USD)
  • Gender (Female, Male, Nonbinary, Prefer Not)
  • Ethnicity (Asian, Black, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, Pacific Islander, Two or More, White, Prefer Not)
  • Birth Date
  • Work Email
  • Home Email
  • Mobile Phone
  • Work Phone
  • Street 1
  • Street 2 (line 2 of address)
  • City
  • State
  • Country (use two-letter code, e.g. US)
  • Postal Code