Import job history

You can upload historical data on past changes for Promotion History, Hire/Departure History, and Performance Review History. This can be done in one upload or in multiple uploads.

Mandatory columns

  • Identifier: Similarly to any other data import, you must provide an identifier for the person. We recommend using Work Email to uniquely identify individuals.
  • Date: Each row should contain the effective date of the change.
    • Note: If the date column is filled with the word “start” it will use the start date of the person as the effective date of the change for the information you are uploading.
  • Change(s): A field or fields representing the change information you would like to upload

Change columns

  • Promotion History
    • Promotion: enter the value ‘promotion’
  • Employment History
    • Depart: Voluntary, Involuntary
    • Employment: full, part, temp, intern, contract, expat
  • Performance Review History
    • See custom fields

Optional columns

  • Manager
  • Department
  • Team
  • Location
  • Title

Updating promotion history after your payroll sync

Depending on your tech stack, your Payroll sync may have pulled in Title Changes but not Promotion status. For example, a Title change from Customers Success Specialist to Customer Success Associate may not indicate a promotion, but a Title change from Sales Manager to Sales Director, may.

In order to review all Title Changes and mark which changes represent Promotions, start by going to ...More → History. Select the checkboxes next to Title Changes and Promotions, select the proper date in the past, and export to .csv using the cloud icon.

Following the instructions above, use the data you just exported to create a new .csv in the proper Job History format. Include Date (= date of title change), Title, and a column for Promotion. Type in ‘promotion’ in the Promotion column for each row of data that represents an actual promotion.