Installing a payroll app

A ChartHop payroll app syncs your organizational roster from your payroll system into ChartHop. Synced data includes job title, manager, department, location, hires and departures, personal contact and demographic information, compensation changes, and time off.

You must have the role of Owner or Technical owner in order to install a ChartHop app.

Install a payroll app

You configure your payroll app using an install wizard in ChartHop. You'll need to complete some steps in your payroll system as well. The install wizard provides full instructions.

  1. Select Apps from the options (gear) menu in the left sidebar.
  2. Find your payroll app in the list of available apps.
  3. Click Install on the far right-hand side of the table.
  4. Follow the steps outlined in the setup wizard. ChartHop recommends accepting the defaults for Advanced Settings.

Using payroll app advanced settings

You can customize some ways in which your payroll app data syncs to ChartHop. For example, you can exclude some data as well as set up notifications so that people in your org are notified when data is synchronized.

To ensure your integration works smoothly, advanced settings are automatically configured for you. You can review these settings and update them if necessary.

After you've installed a payroll app, you can update these settings if you need to change them.



Default setting

Exclude IDs

If you want to exclude specific individuals from the sync, enter their unique IDs here, separated by commas. IDs can typically be found on employees' profile pages that were created via a payroll sync.

The list of IDs is blank.

Sync historical data

Include historical changes in your sync. You can configure how many days of data to include.

Historical data is included.

Job change history

Configure the number of days of history you want to include in your synchronized information.

Sync all changes made

Select the changes you want to include in your sync. You can include some or all of the following:

  • Job titles
  • Managers
  • Groups
  • Compensation
  • Hire dates

All changes are included.

Default location when not set

Define whether or not you want to set the location to Remote or leave it empty if it is not set in your payroll system.

Location is set to remote if it is not set in your payroll system.

Overwrite person fields

When you choose this option, your payroll system remains the source of truth for the following fields in ChartHop: birthdate, gender, home address and so on. This means any edits you or an employee makes to this data in ChartHop is overwritten when the synchronization takes place. This can pose an issue when someone uses ChartHop to updates employee fields in ChartHop, without requesting an update in the source system. ChartHop recommends to set this to yes to avoid needing to update both ChartHop and your payroll system when a change is made to one of these fields.

Set to yes. Payroll system data overwrites any changes to person data in ChartHop.