The map is yet another visualization tool built on top of ChartHop's powerful people analytics platform. By default, all employees can access the Map and view everyone’s work location. Admins have an additional option to view either by home address or by work address.

When locations are created and assigned to employees under manage groups, they will appear on the map. Be sure to identify which locations are offices versus remote locations.

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Figure 1: The ChartHop map.


In order to protect employee privacy, exact addresses and locations are concealed and map pinpoints are randomized based on zip code.


Highlight specific teams, departments, and functions within the Map view with the following:

  1. Highlight dropdown: select any field to color-code your map (e.g. Team)
  2. Search bar filter: enter any filter or search (e.g. [directs > 0] to filter for managers)
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Figure 2: Use the map filters to produce the exact visualization you need.

Remote Work

To help provide you with more visibility during times of remote work, there is an option to view remote work addresses in your ChartHop map.

Update office settings

If some of your offices are closed, change your office settings by going to your office location settings page, editing your offices, and updating location type to remote. For all employees in that office, this will automatically set their work location as their respective home address.

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Figure 3: Change location type to remote.

Ask employees to update their location

Direct employees to this url where they can directly enter their current work location. Example message below:

If you’re working from a remote location other than your home address, please follow this link to update it. Once everyone has updated their location, you’ll be able to view our distributed team using the Map on ChartHop.

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Figure 4: Set work location.

If you’ve already collected remote addresses, you can upload a CSV with a unique identifier and the address information. Please contact us at with any questions or feedback.