Performance reviews

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Run custom review cycles directly in ChartHop whether your organization wants to track performance, engagement, or overall satisfaction. All of which can be sent to a specific filter of employees or everyone in the organization.

Custom forms must be created prior to creating a review.

Using reviews

Click on more in the primary navigation and click on reviews to use the reviews module. An overview of all reviews completed and in progress will be displayed here. You can click create review to create a new review, or select an existing review.

Create or select a review.
Create or select a review.

Creating a review

To create a new review, click create review in the top right corner. Next, fill out the review detail for nameownerstart dateend datepeople to include, and description. Then click save.

Figure 2: save a new review.
Figure 2: save a new review.

Once saved, your review will populate in the Reviews table as an in progress review.

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Adding forms to review

Once you've created your review, you can click on it to view the details. Initially, you won't have any forms or todos associated with this review. Click + add next to forms included for review to add the necessary forms to the review.

Figure 3: add forms to review.
Figure 3: add forms to review.

Next, fill out the send form dialogue.

Figure 4: send form for collection.
Figure 4: send form for collection.


If the account is synced with Slack, clicking Send will notify employees who match the filter. If left blank, it will send to everyone.

Sharing and exporting reviews

You can share reviews with your team for collaboration or approval. Simply click the share button, and select the needed people from the list. To export a PDF of the review, simply click export PDFs.

Updated 11 May 2022
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