Pushing jobs to Greenhouse

ChartHop’s Greenhouse integration helps you keep your open jobs in sync across both ChartHop and Greenhouse, so that both platforms are always up to date. It also helps you hire individuals into your org before adding them to your HRIS, by syncing candidate data from Greenhouse into ChartHop once a candidate is hired.

Once a headcount plan is approved, roles can be Merged To Primary.

Depending on if the role is being actively recruited for, Job Postings will automatically be opened in Greenhouse in DRAFT mode. 

Job Openings should only be created in Greenhouse if roles are toggled to "Active" in ChartHop.

The recruiter can then navigate to Greenhouse and update all pertinent information pertaining to the role. This can include the Job Description. 

At this point, you can start actively recruiting for the open role. The number of candidates and interviews will flow through to ChartHop. 

The Final Step would then be to hire someone for the role.

Updated 11 May 2022
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