Sync your org

The easiest way to get started is to turn on a sync with your core payroll system. ChartHop will build your current org structure, and create a retroactive history using past employees, and start and end dates.

Going forward, ChartHop will sync changes daily from the payroll system, such as comp changes, new hires, or manager changes.


  1. Install the appropriate payroll sync app from Apps and Integrations, following the specific instructions for that app.
  2. Visit the Org Chart and Data Sheet to verify that your organization imported correctly.

What if my payroll system isn't listed?

Create a spreadsheet of your current organization, including names, titles, managers, and compensation. You may be able to export this data from your current payroll or HRIS.

You can upload this spreadsheet into ChartHop as a CSV file. However, you will need to keep changes up-to-date in ChartHop when hires, departures or roles change.

If you'd like us to add an integration for a provider not listed, email us at

What if not all my employees are in my payroll system? Or what if I have multiple payroll systems?

ChartHop is designed as a system that can bring together multiple different systems of record in one place. If any of the payroll syncs spots employees on the ChartHop side that aren't in the payroll system, the sync will simply ignore those employees and won't alter them.

So you can install multiple payroll-provider syncs at the same time -- or enter employees/contractors not tracked in the payroll system, directly into ChartHop, or via CSV upload. Start by installing your primary provider and then fill in additional data as appropriate.