Setting up ChartHop

Before getting started, you will need to set up your ChartHop organization. To setup your organization, you can follow the list of sections below.

Setting up your organization in ChartHop

With all ChartHop packages, the best way to get started is to integrate your data from your payroll system into ChartHop. This keeps your org chart up-to-date and quickly allows you to see a visual of your organization.

ChartHop allows you to integrate your payroll system in two ways. You can either use a synchronization app included with ChartHop or manually import data from your payroll system.

Using a ChartHop synchronization app

ChartHop synchronization apps sync your payroll system data into ChartHop on a daily basis once you have configured them. This ensures that your ChartHop organization is always up-to-date and automates the setup process.

Payroll system data syncs are highly recommended, as they are very complete and provide additional benefits such as the ability to capture the historical data of your organization and track its growth over time. Learn more.

ChartHop Basic customers can sync from only one payroll system. If you don't see a synchronization app listed for your payroll system, you will need to manually import your payroll system data from a spreadsheet. Learn more.

Importing payroll system data from a spreadsheet

If your payroll system isn't supported by a ChartHop synchronization app, you'll need to export your data from your payroll system and import it into ChartHop. After you import your organization's data, you can either manually make changes in ChartHop and your payroll system to keep both up-to-date or perform a spreadsheet upload from your payroll system on a regular basis depending on how much your org is changing.

Spreadsheet data imports are a perfect substitute if you do not have a pre-existing Payroll system data to sync, or if you are looking for a simpler data implementation. Learn more.

Configuring Org settings

After importing your data, you can further customize your organization's settings such as establishing your urls, uploading logos, creating welcome emails, and more. Learn more.

Adding groups

If you did not already add groups in your initial data import, you can fully capture the structure of your organization by manually adding information in Groups. Learn more.

With your departments, teams, locations, and other group data configured, you will be able to make full use of ChartHops various visualization features including:

  1. Org Chart
  2. Map
  3. Data Sheet
  4. Employee Profiles

Inviting users

After you establish your organization's initial data, settings, and groups, you may then want to begin inviting new users to join your organization either manually, or by using a custom template. Learn more.

Setting up permissions and security

If you are an HR professional looking to prepare a rollout plan using ChartHop, you can assign roles to your users, manage user permissions, and protect your sensitive data. Learn more.

Integrating apps and bundles

ChartHop supports an entire marketplace of compatible apps and bundles with which you can integrate into your organization. Learn more.

Updated 10 May 2022
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