Add a new person to your org

Although you usually add new people to your ChartHop organization through integrations, you can add a person manually if needed. To do this, you create an open job and then fill it with a new hire.  If you aren't using integrations and want to add multiple people at once, you can upload a spreadsheet. Learn more.

Note that you can’t set a person’s start date before their job’s creation date. If you need to do so, first change the job creation date. Learn more.

Adding a person to your org after creating a new role
Adding a person to your org after creating a new role

To add a new person to your ChartHop organization manually: 

  1. From the left sidebar, select Data Sheet
  2. On the Data Sheet, from the Edit job menu, select New Open Job
  3. In the Create job dialog that appears, add job information to the appropriate sections:
    1. Structure - General information including title, department, and location.
    2. Compensation - Compensation information including salary and bonus.
    3. Recruiting - Recruiting information including hiring status and target start date.
    4. Description - A general description about the role.
    5. Custom fields - Any custom data added by your organization. Learn more. 
  4. Select Save to primary to finish creating a new job. 
  5. On the Data Sheet, in the row for the job you just created, select the Actions menu (⋮).
  6. Select New hire
  7. In the New hire dialog, enter all available information about the person. Note that only First name and Last name are required, but ChartHop strongly recommends adding a Work email or Home Email since email address is the primary identifier. 
  8. Select Save to finish adding a new person.

Updated 28 Jul 2022
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