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Since ChartHop retains a record of former employees, you can rehire a person who has left your organization by filling an open job with that person.

After rehiring a person, contact the ChartHop Support team and ask them to merge the person’s old profile into their new one to capture their complete history with your org.

Rehiring a person to fill an open job
Rehiring a person to fill an open job

To rehire a person: 

  1. From the left sidebar, select Data Sheet
  2. On the Data Sheet, in the row for the job to fill, select the Actions menu (⋮). 
  3. Select Fill job
  4. In the Fill job dialog and the Person menu, search for the person you want to rehire. 
  5. Enter the following information:
    1. Start date - The start date for the person filling the job.
    2. Move type - Select Hire.
    3. Note - Any additional notes regarding the move.
  6. Select Save to primary to finish filling the job.

Updated 28 Jul 2022
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