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You can move a person to a new role in your ChartHop organization by assigning them to an open role. When you do this, you specify whether the move is a transfer, promotion, or demotion. 

You can also move a person from the Data sheet. To do so, select the Action menu () on the left side of the row for the person to move. In the menu that displays, select Move person.

Moving a person from the Org Chart
Moving a person from the Org Chart

To move a person to a new job:

  1. From the left sidebar, select Org Chart
  2. On the Org Chart, select the person to move. 
  3. In the Profile Summary, from the Edit job menu, select Move person.
  4. At the top of the ChartHop window, select the filter icon to display the Filters dialog.
  5. In the Filters dialog, select Open jobs to display all open jobs.
  6. Select the job into which you want to move the person. 
  7. Select Move.
  8. In the Move Person dialog, add the following information:
    1. Move date - The date on which the move takes place.
    2. Announce date - The date on which the move will be announced.
    3. Move type - Whether the move is considered a Transfer, Promotion, or Demotion.
    4. Notes - Any additional notes related to the move.
  9. Select Save to primary to finish moving the person.

Updated 28 Jul 2022
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