Automatic invitations

Packages: Basic | Standard | Premium

Roles: Technical Owner | Org Editor 

You can automatically send invites to new employees when they are added to ChartHop.

Configuring automatic invitations
Configuring automatic invitations

To configure Automatic invitations:

  1. From Settings in left side bar, select Users.
  2. Select Automatic invitations from the Users page.
  3. From the general Automatic invitations page you can set:
    • Whether to automatically invite new employees and revoke their access upon their departure or not.
    • Default role assignments to new users invited to your organization.
  4. In the Advanced options you can set:
    • Invitations and access revocations to be sent on a daily basis.
    • Employee's access rights to be revoked automatically upon their departure from the organization.
    • The list of specified users who will be notified when a user has been invited to, or has had their access revoked from, your organization.
      • A base or Carrot filter may be applied to limit the employee list. Learn more.
  5. Select Save settings when you're done.

Updated 15 Jun 2022
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