Clear data in ChartHop Basic

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When you initially import data into ChartHop Basic, you may choose to import sample data before performing a full data import.

Importing sample data allows you to practice the process and ensure you are importing the data as you need it and including all of the information you need to build your org chart and initial employee roster.

You should not clear data unless you intend to start your initial import over or want to delete all of the data from your initial import. If you wish to change your data, you can do so manually within ChartHop or import a spreadsheet to update your current data. Learn more.

You can clear this sample data or any initial import and choose to start over.

When you clear data, the following happens:

  • All data associated with employees is deleted.
  • You do not need to re-invite users to your organization or re-assign roles. All user information remains in ChartHop.
  • The initial import tile is once again available on your Home page.

To clear initial import data:

  1. From the left sidebar, select the gear icon and select Org Settings.
  2. Select the Clear data tab.
  3. Select Clear data.

Updated 02 Aug 2022
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