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If you have ChartHop Basic and need to import payroll data from a system not supported by a ChartHop Basic app, you can export your payroll to a spreadsheet and then import the spreadsheet to ChartHop. Ensure that the data in your file conforms to ChartHop's formatting requirements.

Exporting data from a payroll system

When you export payroll data from your system, the spreadsheet file should:

  • Be in CSV, XLS, or XLSX format.
  • Be UTF-8 encoded.
  • Have fewer than 1000 records.

At a minimum, the file should contain the following column headings:

  • Work email (As the first column)

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Job title
  • Manager email
  • Start Date

You can use system ID fields, such as ADP ID, Bamboo ID, or Job ID, instead of email addresses for identifiers. Name the System ID column with the appropriate ID field (such as ADP ID), and provide the matching ID field value for the manager (for example, if the first column is ADP ID, then provide the ADP ID of the manager in the Manager column)

Import your data to ChartHop

To import your data to ChartHop, complete the following steps:

  1. On ChartHop's main screen, under Upload a spreadsheet, select Excel or CSV.
  2. Under Upload your spreadsheet, drag and drop the file you want to import.
  3. Select Next step. ChartHop attempts to match each column with a ChartHop field. For example, a column titled fname is identified as first name.
  4. If necessary, match any unmatched columns (highlighted in red) under Column in your spreadsheet with the appropriate ChartHop field. Note that selecting None of these for a required field will generate an error.
  5. Under Date format, select the date format for dates in the file.
  6. Select Looks good! to proceed to the next section.
  7. Under Add required info and tidy up your data, fix any errors (highlighted in red), such as improperly formatted dates or email addresses. See the following section for a reference of common errors.
  8. Select Looks good! to proceed to the next section.
  9. Under Help us understand your org structure, select the head(s) of your organization.
  10. If necessary, under Identify managers, select any missing managers (highlighted in red).
  11. Click Looks good! to start creating your ChartHop organization. A progress bar is displayed, but you can close the window without interrupting org creation. You receive an email when your org is created.
Your ChartHop organization is displayed once upload is complete
Your ChartHop organization is displayed once upload is complete

Common column errors

The following table contains column errors you may encounter while setting up your ChartHop organization:


How to resolve...

Invalid email format

Use a valid email format for Work email and Manager email, such as somebody@example.com.

Invalid date format

Use a valid date format for Start date that matches the one you selected, such as m/d/yyyy.

Email addresses are not unique

Ensure that each person has a unique email address.

Missing required field

Include Work email, First name, Last name, Job title, and Start date for each person.

Updated 02 Aug 2022
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