Create a backfill in a scenario

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Before continuing, be sure to review the following:

  • Creating new jobs in a scenario - Learn how to create new jobs in your ChartHop organization. Learn more.

  • Editing jobs in a scenario - Learn how to edit existing hiring plans. Learn more.
  • Working with open jobs in a scenario - Learn how to manage open jobs in a scenario. Learn More.

When you backfill a job in a scenario, the person's profile is archived but the job stays active and open.

To backfill a job:

  1. From the Data Sheet tab, select the row for the person whose job you wish to backfill.
  2. Open the action menu at the left side of the row you wish to edit.
  3. Select Backfill. The Backfill job dialog displays.
  4. In the Backfill job dialog, you can make any additional edits to the job:
    • Structure - The job's position in your ChartHop organization structure.
    • Compensation - Adjusted compensation for the role.
    • Recruiting - Recruiting information for the role.
    • Description - The role's new description (when applicable).
  5. Select Save to Scenario to save your changes.

In cases where the backfill should not display to the rest of your ChartHop organization, be sure to set the recruiting sensitivity to Highly sensitive. This ensures that only recruiters with sensitive access can see the open role. Learn More.

Updated 22 Jun 2022
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