Editing your profile

In your Employee profile, you can edit general information about yourself including your home address, contact information, and name, as well as set your primary work location address.´╗┐

´╗┐Edit your basic info

You can add basic information about yourself in your profile including your home address, preferred name, and email address. In addition, you can add alternative information about yourself through the custom fields configured by your ´╗┐ChartHop organization.

Edit person dialog
Edit person dialog

To edit your profile:

  1. From the left sidebar, select your profile icon.
  2. Select My profile.
  3. From your profile page, select the down arrow dropdown menu. Select Edit my info.
  4. Edit your information using the fields in the Edit person dialog. You'll have the option to edit your information under the Basic info and Custom fields tabs.
    • Basic info - Includes general information such as name, birthdate, email, phone number, etc.
      • For a complete list of all basic info fields, see the table below.
    • Custom fields - Includes information specified by the requirements set in pre-configured fields. Learn more.
  5. Select Save when you're finished.

Basic info fields



First name

´╗┐Your first name, required.

Preferred name

´╗┐Your preferred first name. (overwrites first name).

Last name

´╗┐Your last name, required.

Preferred last name

´╗┐Your preferred last name (overwrites last name).

Middle name

´╗┐Your middle name.

Work email

´╗┐Your work email.

Home email

´╗┐Your personal email.


´╗┐Your mobile phone number.

Work phone

´╗┐Your work phone number.


´╗┐The url to your LinkedIn page.


´╗┐The url to your Twitter handle.


´╗┐The url to your Github profile.

Home Address

´╗┐Your personal home address.


The image that will be used as your org profile picture.

Birth date

´╗┐Your date of birth.

Preferred pronouns

´╗┐Your preferred pronouns.


´╗┐Your gender.


´╗┐Your ethnicity.

Set a work location

You can set your personal work location using the Set work location option available in the profile page drop down menu.

To set your work location:

  1. From the left sidebar, select your profile icon.
  2. Select My profile.
  3. In the employee profile page, from the menu in the top right corner, select Set work location.
  4. Select from one of the three options:
    • Office - Your default office location.
    • Home - Your default home location, which can be configured in your Basic info settings.
    • Other Location - A temporary remote work location where you may fill in the address details, manually.
  5. Select Save location when you're done.

Note that when using an Other Location as your work location, other members will not be able to see the exact street address. Instead, they will only see your city, state, and postal code on the map.