Employee Profiles

With employee profiles you can complete tasks, submit forms, update personal information, conduct performance reviews, conduct 1:1s, and many other activities.

Employee profile page

The employee profile page has tabs which contain information about the employee's goals, tasks, performance, and more. By default, the page displays an overview of information about an employee in the About tab.

Profile panel

The profile panel contains a list of basic information about an employee, for example: start date, gender, and work email. Thought also includes other fields like personal accounts including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Github.

Reports to panel

The Reports to panel shows which manager an employee reports to, and also contains a list of the employee's direct and indirect reports. To view profiles for an employee's direct and indirect reports, select their profile image.

Job Description

The Job Description panel displays a general description of the employee's job. This description can be changed by editing the job. Learn more.

Employee Details

The Employee Details panel contains a list of miscellaneous information about an employee. The information available in the panel is based on the results of questionnaires and surveys filled out by the employee.

Updated 29 Jun 2022
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