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Q: Why can I see data for some individuals and not others?

A: If any sensitive information is selected in Select Columns, you will only see sensitive data for individuals who report under you and directly under you.

If you have the access level to see all sensitive views and still cannot view the data, ensure the eye icon at the top right of the platform is enabled to visible. If the eye icon is enabled to hidden (slash through eye icon), it prevents sensitive data from being viewed if sharing your screen with others.

People management

Q: How can I set a backfill for an open role?

A: ChartHop enables your recruiting team to be proactive, not reactive when handling backfills. If there is an anticipated departure of an employee and your team wants to start recruiting, here's how to:

  1. Find the employee on either the Org Chart or the Data Sheet
  2. Click Backfill If the rest of the organization should not know of an anticipated departure, set the recruiting sensitivity to Highly Sensitive. This will ensure that only recruiters with sensitive access are aware that this role is actively being recruited for.

Data sheet

Q: Can I export data from the Data Sheet?

A: Yes! When clicking the export icon above the Select Columns button on the right side of the platform. You can export via CSV or export a URL to sync with Google Sheets.

Q: How can I bulk edit fields in the Data Sheet?

A: To bulk edit built-in or custom fields, bulk select by clicking and dragging, or hold down command and select the people for whom you know the values are the same. Then click bulk edit. The fields will be under the custom fields section of the bulk edit pop up. You may need to first enable the edit dialog option in the custom field setting.

Q: How can I filter data in the Data Sheet?

A: If you only want to see employees who match a specific filter, click the Filter button and select an attribute from the dropdown menu. Enter the value of the attribute you wish to filter in the Data Sheet. Or you can input direct filters in the open text field. For syntax, please see our documentation on Filtering.


Q: Is the map embeddable as an iframe?

A: No, unfortunately the map is not currently embeddable as an iframe.


Q: How can I export a scenario?

A: When clicking Actions... near your profile icon in the top right-hand corner of the platform, you'll have the option to export the scenario as a CSV or as a Powerpoint.

Q: What if my scenario is finalized / approved?

A: Users with "Primary Editor" permissions can approve your scenario and merge your scenario to primary. After a scenario is merged, its changes are "official", are made public to the organization, and if applicable, are synced to downstream systems of record.

Q: How is Annual Cost calculated in scenarios?

A: Annual Cost will reflect the total annualized cost of changes made, including new jobs added, adjustments to compensation, and jobs removed (departures without backfill).


Updated 11 May 2022
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