Hiring candidates

Once you’ve hired for your role in Greenhouse, you can track your filled headcount in ChartHop and then match that role to the individual once they are input into your HRIS system.

Your next step, then, is to mark an individual as “Hired” within Greenhouse. This action will fire a webhook, which enables ChartHop to pull in a pending hire.

This webhook must be enabled by our Support Team and your Greenhouse Admin in order to fire the webhook.

If you notice a role has NOT switched to “Pending” following being hired, you can adjust the settings manually in ChartHop and add in the hired individual information. All actions in Greenhouse will remain the same.

To hire an individual in Greenhouse, navigate to Candidates > Offer Details > Job > Mark Candidate as “Hired”.

The Greenhouse Job ID is the match between the role in ChartHop and the role in Greenhouse.

If you don't see the Greenhouse Job ID on your job in ChartHop, then you know the systems aren't syncing correctly. Please contact support@charthop.com.