Importing spreadsheet data

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Use the import tool to make bulk changes to your ChartHop organization by uploading a CSV or spreadsheet. You can upload a CSV file or a Microsoft Excel native file (*.xlsx).

ChartHop provides synchronization apps to easily synchronize data from different payroll, equity, and applicant tracking systems (ATS) into ChartHop. In the cases where your system is not supported, you can import your people data directly to ChartHop by using a spreadsheet.

ChartHop supports importing the following types of data via a spreadsheet:

  • People data
  • Organization updates (changes to existing people or jobs)
  • Org history (historical org data like start dates, and so on)
  • Add or update equity data
  • Add or update a hiring plan

When you use this option, you can download an example spreadsheet, add your data to it, and then upload the spreadsheet to ChartHop.

Importing data to ChartHop

You can upload your CSV or spreadsheet file directly from the Import CSV Data page. You can upload any information you want, provided the target field(s) already exists.

ChartHop Premium customers can customize data fields in ChartHop. If you are uploading data to a custom field, you need to ensure that you add the field to ChartHop first.

  1. Select the gear menu in the left sidebar and then select Import Spreadsheet data.
  2. From the right side of the page, select the respective link to view guidelines and download a spreadsheet template.

  3. Select Download template. A spreadsheet template downloads from your browser.
  4. Select the back button on your browser.
  5. Add your data to the spreadsheet template, including any optional columns that you want to include.
  6. Save the template to a new name.
  7. Drag the spreadsheet to the Upload your spreadsheet page or select the Browse button to navigate to where its located.
  8. Select Upload to org.

Importing groups with your data

When uploading data, you can elect to create new groups in your ChartHop organization.

  1. From the Settings option in the left navigation bar, select Import spreadsheet data.
  2. Drag or manually upload your spreadsheet to uploader tool.
  3. Select the Allow spreadsheet to create new groups check box.
  4. Select Upload to org.

Formatting spreadsheets for upload

The easiest way to ensure the proper formatting for a spreadsheet you want to upload is to download a spreadsheet template. In addition to using a template that you download from ChartHop, you should use the following guidelines:

Column names

All column names are case-insensitive and ignore spaces. For example, a column named "Base Comp" means the same thing as a column named "basecomp" or "baseComp". Use whichever is most convenient for you. If you are importing data to a custom field that you created in ChartHop, use the field code as the column name instead of using field name.


The first column in your file is used as the identifier column, which identifies which job or person to attribute the information to. We require work email to be used as the identifier in most cases. Refer to the respective instructions for specific requirements.

Formatting examples

Below is a list of commonly imported spreadsheet columns and example values.


Format notes


Work email

Standard email address format.


First name

Full legal first name, not including middle names or ChartHop preferred names.


Middle name

Leave blank if none.


Last name

Full legal last name, not including any suffixes.


Preferred name

Any name, or nickname, that is different from legal name, leave blank if none.



Single letter representing gender.



A string indicating the ethnicity.


Job title

Entire job title should be included in the same column.

Engineering Manager

Start date

Must be mm/dd/yyyy format.



Must be mm/dd/yyyy format.



Must be the email of the manager.



Input a department that has already been added in ChartHop.


Base comp

Supports both annual and hourly compensation for base compensation.

Annual: 100,000 or 100,000/year Yearly: 25.75/hour

Variable comp

Money value without currency sign or comma.



Currency symbol.



Input a location that has already been added in ChartHop

New York

Grant price

Strike price per share of the grant, in dollars.


Grant shares

Number of shares


Grant vest date

Date that the vesting schedule begins, in mm/dd/yyyy format. Defaults to issue date.


Grant ID

A unique identifier for the grant


Grant type

Type of stock issued (ISO, NSO, RSU), defaults to ISO if left blank


Grant vest

Represents the vesting schedule. Vesting schedules consist of an interval, the total length of the grant, and the cliff period.

  • M_4Y_1Y
  • Y_1Y_3M
  • M_1Y_2Y


The current recruiting status of an open role. Active or inactive.