Live queries

You can create Live Queries from ChartHop that can sync some particular view of data to a spreadsheet, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

For example, you can create a Live Query to sync the current hiring plan into a spreadsheet that you can use for financial modeling -- and refresh the data straight from ChartHop.

Building a Live Query

  1. From the Data Sheet page, select the columns and query that you want to review.
  2. Select "Sync to Excel/Sheets" from the Download menu.
  3. Change the settings if you need to -- the Query Filter will control what is being filtered, and the Fields will control which fields are displayed. By default, the Date will always be the current date, but you can lock in a specific date if you prefer.
  4. Select Create Query when done.

Live Queries and Security

Live Query URLs are randomly generated and impossible to guess -- but they are "public", because of the way Excel and Sheets retrieve data.

Therefore, use caution when generating or pasting Live Queries, and do not share them outside of your organization.

Live Queries are automatically tied to the credentials of the user who generated them, so if that person's access is removed from the organization, the Live Query will automatically invalidate. Live Queries also expire automatically if they have not been used in 30 days.