Move a person in a scenario

Packages: Basic | Standard | Premium

Roles: Recruiting editor | Owner | Technical owner

You can propose a new assignment for a person in your ChartHop organization by moving that person to an open job within your scenario.

To move a person into an open job:

  1. In the Data Sheet tab, select the row for the employee you'd like to move.
  2. Open the action menu at the left side of the row you wish to edit.
  3. Select Move person. The Move Person dialog displays.
  4. In the Moving into job dropdown list, select the job into which you are moving the person.
  5. Enter the following information:
    • Move date - The date on which the move will take place.
    • Announce date - The date on which the move is announced to the organization.
    • Move type - Whether the move is considered a Transfer, Promotion, or Demotion.
    • Additional notes - Any additional notes related to the move.
  6. Select Save to Scenario to save your changes.