Setting up OneLogin SSO

You can configure your ChartHop organization with OneLogin SSO.

Generate your XML metadata file

Before configuring the OneLogin SSO client to ChartHop, you will need to contact ChartHop support for your metadata XML file.

Setup SSO in OneLogin

To set up OneLogin SSO, you must configure your SAML 2.0 connection and receive your Issuer URL.

  1. Under Applications, select SAML Test Connector (Advanced).
  2. Select the SSO tab.
  3. Ensure that the SAML Signature Algorithm is set to SHA-256
  4. Download the Issuer URL.
  5. Under Configuration, ensure that your settings are set to the following:
    • RelayState - https://app.charthop.com
    • Audience (EntityID) - ChartHop
    • Recipient - https://api.charthop.com/saml/sso/{org-slug}
    • ACS (Consumer) URL Validation* - https://api.charthop.com/saml/sso/{org-slug}
    • Login URL - https://api.charthop.com/saml/sso/{org-slug}
    • SAML Signature Element - Assertion

Note that for the settings above which require an {org-slug}, your ChartHop organization's slug can be found in ChartHop under the Org nickname section under the General tab in Org settings.

Setup SSO In ChartHop

With your OneLogin settings configured, enable the SSO option and upload your metadata in ChartHop.

  1. Select Org Settings from the options menu in the sidebar.
  2. Select the SSO tab.
  3. Toggle Enable OneLogin SSO.
  4. Upload the Issuer URL file under OneLogin IDP metadata file content.
  5. Select Save settings.

Test the new login with OneLogin SSO to ChartHop

To test your OneLogin SSO configuration with ChartHop:

  1. Log out of ChartHop.
  2. Visit https://app.charthop.com/{org-slug}/account/login where {org-slug} is your ChartHop organization's unique slug.
  3. Confirm that your OneLogin sign-in displays on the login screen.

If you encounter any issues during or after testing your SSO setup, please reach out to support@charthop.com.