A scenario is a proposal for a change to the organization. Scenarios could represent changes to the hiring plan, compensation, organizational structure, or all of the above -- all while keeping these proposals private and shared only with specific individuals.

Scenarios allow you to visualize an exportable, proposed plan within our interactive Org Chart, our flexible Data Sheet, and project the cost impact of the scenario.

Using scenarios

Once fully understood, scenarios are quite straightforward and powerful. When launching the scenarios module, you'll have a choice between creating a new scenario, or selecting an existing scenario.

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Figure 1: Create a scenario.

Only scenarios that have been shared with you will be visible here.

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Figure 2: Select a scenario.

Once you've created or opened a scenario, you'll be able to navigate the various pages within the scenario from the details at the top of the module. The org chart, data sheet, and map are all replicated within the scenario, and accessible as tabs at the top.

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Figure 3: Scenario details.

Once you're ready to merge the changes that you've proposed, you'll use merge to primary. This essentially saves the working data that you've manipulated in your scenario to the actual live data in your ChartHop account.

Scenario changes

As you make changes in the org chart or data sheet, each change will be summarized in the changes tab. This tab gives you an excellent summary view to reflect on all the changes to your org before merging to primary.

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Figure 4: Scenario changes.

Scenario org chart

The org chart tab gives you all the capabilities of the standard org chart, but without committing any of your changes to the live dataset. Use this tab to manipulate the structure of your org before proposing changes.

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Figure 5: Scenario org chart.

Scenario data sheet

The data sheet tab gives you the full power of the data sheet, without committing any of your changes to the live dataset. Use this tab to manipulate tabular data before proposing changes.

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Figure 6: Scenario data sheet.

Scenario map

The map tab gives you a convenient visualization across a map of the world. As you change data in a scenario, the map will accurately reflect your changes.

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Figure 7: Scenario map.

Scenario impact

Finally, the impact tab lets you pull in preconfigured reports in order to make sure that the changes you've made to the org are in line with projected goals.

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Figure 8: Scenario impact.