Create a scenario

Packages: Basic | Standard | Premium

Roles: Recruiting editor | Owner | Technical owner

To create a scenario:

  1. Select Scenarios from the left sidebar.
  2. Select New Scenario.
  3. In the New Scenario dialog, enter information about your scenario:
    • Scenario name - The name of the scenario (for example, Q4 Hiring Plan).
    • Start date - The date when the changes proposed in the scenario are intended to go into effect. This can be either the current date or an exact date.
    • Scenario type - The type of scenario to be created. Choose from the following scenario types:
      • General Planning - Use this type to propose general structural changes to an organization (for example, hiring and reorganization).
      • Compensation Planning - Use this type to propose compensation changes (for example, during annual compensation reviews).
      • Promotion Planning - Use this type to propose title and promotion changes in an organization.
    • Description - A description of the scenario.
  4. Select Create.

You cannot create new groups or departments within a scenario.