Compensation reviews

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ChartHop compensation reviews provide the flexibility of a spreadsheet, while leveraging powerful features like auto-calculated comp recommendations, simple integration with performance data, flags and rules to guide managers, access control, and approval flows.

Using compensation reviews

Select more in the primary navigation and click on compensation reviews to use the comp reviews module. An overview of all comp reviews completed and in progress will be displayed here. You can click create review to create a new comp review, or select an existing comp review.

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Figure 1: Select or create compensation review.

When creating a comp review, you'll need to fill out the name, owner, start date, and end date of the comp review.

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Figure 2: Create comp review.

Scenarios and comp reviews

Comp reviews depend on scenarios in order to function properly. Consider that a comp review is really just a type of scenario (or a collection of scenarios) where a set of compensation changes are proposed.

As such, when creating or viewing a comp review, you'll notice there's a section for scenarios included in review.

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Figure 3: Scenarios included in review.

Adding a scenario to a comp review

When adding a scenario to a comp review, it all begins with a CQL query. In the example below, we are indicating that anyone matching the sales department filter is eligible for a comp review. You can use CQL to narrow down this list as much as needed.

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Figure 4: Select eligible people.

After inputting comp review eligibility, the next step is to select the managers that should be invited to this comp review. Selected managers are automatically added to the approval workflow.

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Figure 5: Select manager to invite.

The next step in the workflow requires a budget to be set for each scenario added to the comp review. The budget is used in determining the allowances for each comp review.

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Figure 6: Set budget.

Finally, make sure everything looks good on the last step. If it does, click create scenarios.

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Figure 7: Review and create.

Comp review configuration

From the comp review homepage, you can configure the scenario columns that should be automatically created for all new scenarios. Whatever is configured here will inform the column creation that is triggered after adding a new scenario to the comp review.

A column preview is supplied at the bottom of this section.

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Figure 8: Scenario columns.

You can configure basic options related to the comp review by clicking on the options tab. Among the options available here you can disable the change delete capability for limited edit users, and disable share notifications for this comp review.

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Figure 9: Compensation review options.

Updated 11 May 2022
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