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You can backfill directly from the Org Chart to reflect that you intend to replace a current employee. When you backfill, the employee remains on the Org Chart until terminated and a new open job is created with a start date of two months from today’s date, rounded down.

You can also create a backfill from the Data Sheet. To do this, in the Actions menu (⋮) on the left side of the row for the person to backfill, select Backfill

When a backfill should not display to the rest of your ChartHop organization, be sure to set Sensitivity to Highly sensitive so that only recruiters with Sensitive access can view the open role. Learn more.

Adding a backfill from the Org Chart
Adding a backfill from the Org Chart

To add a backfill for a job: 

  1. From the left sidebar, select Org Chart
  2. On the Org Chart, select the person to backfill.
  3. In the Profile Summary, from Edit job menu, select Backfill.
  4. In the Backfill job dialog, edit the job information copied from the backfilled employee as follows:
    1. Structure - General information including title, department, and location.
    2. Compensation - Compensation information including salary and bonus.
    3. Recruiting - Recruiting information including hiring status and target start date.
    4. Description - A general description of the role.
    5. Custom fields - Any custom data added by your organization, if available. Learn more.
  5. Select Save to Primary. A new backfill appears on the Org Chart

Backfill a person who has left your org

You can create a backfill for a person who has left your org. To do so, use the date slider at the top of the Org Chart to go back to the person’s last day. Then, add a backfill. The backfill appears in your current ChartHop Org Chart.

Updated 28 Jul 2022
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